WCW Intensive Weight Management Group

Introducing an intense 10-week focus group of weight management and maintenance skills for a lifetime of success. This weekly session will be on Mondays from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM, starting October 1 and ending December 2, just in time to have effective skills to tackle the holiday season. We will address important issues such as motivation, barriers to change, barriers to acceptance, self-monitoring, principles of healthy eating, problem solving, body image concerns, negative self-talk, and developing your own personal plan for life.

Christel Montgomery is a Health and Life Coach. She works with women who want to succeed in losing weight, gaining energy, and focus, so they can live their best life now. As a stay at home Mom, raising three girls, she understands the how easy it is to fall into the role of taking care of everyone, and everything, putting herself on the back burner. As the girls started to leave the nest, she decided it was time to get healthy. Through her journey, she is now able to help other women discover just how healthy they can be body, mind and spirit.
When she is not coaching clients, she is teaching gymnastics to kids ages 3 to Adult. Christel also enjoys time and travel with her husband Jeff of 30+ years and their 3 daughters. She loves to walk, bake and spend quality time with her close friends.

Lynda C. Miller, who is a Family Nurse Practitioner, dually certified as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, will be leading the sessions for this group. Lynda was recently accepted into membership with the Obesity Medicine Association. She will be joined by Health Coach, Christel Montgomery, who has successfully assisted clients in making permanent lifestyle changes. In addition, there may be guest speakers that are invited to reinforce certain topics of the week, such as nutrition, exercise routines, etc.

The cost of the program is $1500 with payment due by September 28. Patients who pay prior to September 15 will receive a 10% discount. If interested, please call Susan, Office Manager, at (540) 665-8414 x15. The cost includes: 1) an hour-long session with Lynda for a complete history and physical, lab work, EKG, and discussion of weight loss medications, if appropriate within the first few weeks of the program (billed to insurance); 2) 10-week group program; 3) two (2) one-on-one office appointments with Lynda, if needed, during the program (billed to insurance); 4) weekly phone call support from Christel; and 5) continued office appointments with Lynda support after the 10-week program every 2-4 weeks (encouraged for the first 6-months after the program) (billed to insurance).

If for some reason a participant needs to cancel, a full refund will be given.

The program will only take place is we have 10 or more participants. Those who have enrolled will be notified if we have to cancel the program.

Modules for 10-week Weight Management Group

October 1st – Module I – Character of weight programs
Covers rationale for treatment, addressing motivation, educating on health risk associated with obesity, and addressing concerns.

October 8th – Module II – Addressing Weight Loss
Covers ideal weight vs desired weight vs tolerable weight, previous weight maintenance issues, addressing reasons for inability to maintain, and addressing acceptance.

October 15th – Module III – Addressing primary goals
Covers physical appearance, choice of clothes, becoming healthier, becoming fitter, having better relationships, self-respect, self-confidence, and life changes.

October 22nd – Module IV – Self-monitoring of intake and weight
Covers rationale for recording intake, unhealthy methods of weight control, and weekly weighing at home and recording.

October 29th – Module V – Establish adherence to the principles of healthy eating
Covers temporal pattern of eating, food choices, eating style, cognitive aspects to eating and weight regulation.

November 5th – Module VI – Addressing eating out, vacations, and special occasions
Covers social eating, restaurants, buffets, entertaining, pressure to eat, feeling deprived, gifts of food, snacks, alcohol, and coping with unexpected occasions.

November 12th – Module VII – Addressing activity level and exercise
Covers distinguishing forms of activity, benefits of increasing physical activity, misconceptions of exercise, monitoring activity levels and maintaining increased activity.

November 12th – Module VIII: Developing problem solving skills
Covers dealing with day-to-day difficulties, identifying triggers, review of problem solving steps, discover solutions that can be considered, and role playing.

November 19th – Module IX – Addressing body image
Covers concept of body image as distinct from physical appearance, identifying body image concerns, education on body image and development of negative body image, maintenance of the negative body image, addressing avoidance of body shape, addressing body checking, addressing social pressures, addressing thoughts, beliefs an positive acceptance, and role playing.

November 26th – Module X – Challenging negative self-talk
Covers automatic thoughts, how thoughts influence feelings and behavior, unhelpful thinking styles, what am I feeling?, feelings are not thoughts, using a diary to minimize unhelpful thinking, and achieving balanced thoughts.

December 3rd – Module XI – Addressing and developing long-term weight maintenance skills
Covers interpreting changes in weight, responding to weight changes, and developing your personal plan.

December 3rd – Module XII – Ending treatment
Covers reviewing content, continuing to develop plan, and reinforce skills.



For information or to make an appointment, call (540) 665-8414
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